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Chicken Paprikaš

Recipe: "Krapec (Poszolonka)" from:  "Our Traditional Windish (Slovenian) and Hungarian Heritage Recipes".  Published October 2008.
Recipe by Mrs. Peter

KRAPEC (Poszolonka)
3 to 4 c. flour
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp lard
1 dry yeast (sprinkle in center)
warm milk

Slowly add warm milk to 1 to 1 and ˝ cups flour and begin making dough. Add flour as needed. Knead well and place on floured board until dough raises - about
1-1/2 hours. Use finger to test if dough is ready.

1 lb (16-oz) dry cottage cheese
1 tbsp (heaping) sour cream
2 tbsp sugar (to taste)
If cottage cheese is wet, squeeze out liquid. Mix together.

Lightly grease cookie sheet (approx 10" x 14") or large pizza pan. Roll out dough to ˝ to ľ inch thickness and place on pan. Do not work dough to edge of pan (you need to have an edge). Place cottage cheese topping on dough leaving about ˝ inch of dough free of filling around the edge. Place in 350° oven and bake until edges are golden brown (about 45 minutes). Serve warm or cold topped with sour cream.

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