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Chicken Paprikaš

Recipe: "Easy Chicken Paprikash" from:  "Our Traditional Windish (Slovenian) and Hungarian Heritage Recipes".  Published October 2008.
Recipe by Dorothy Skraban.

EASY CHICKEN PAPRIKASH                                  
4 to 5 lbs chicken
1 pt sour cream
1 to 2 tsp paprika
˝ pt water
1 tbsp flour
salt and pepper to taste

Cut up chicken into serving pieces or purchase favorite chicken sections. In pan large enough for the chicken pieces saute some onion. Add paprika. Add chicken (well rinsed but not wiped dry). Add minced garlic, some salt and pepper. Cover and let stew slowly in its own juice (if too high heat will start to stick on pan. Add water or chicken broth - only if needed). When chicken is done, add sour cream (about 1 pint) and a little water (about ˝ pint) to which 1 tablespoon flour is stirred in, and, if needed, more salt and pepper to taste. NOTE: After adding cream, do not over-cook. Serve hot over dumplings.

1 egg
about 6 tbsp flour
1/8 tsp salt

Add flour to unbeaten egg and salt; mix well. Let stand for ˝ hour. Drop by teaspoonful into boiling and salted water. Simmer 5 to 10 minutes after dumplings rise to surface. Drain. Serve hot with chicken paprikash.

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